Conference Themes

According to the “Science Education for Responsible Citizenship” Report (EC, 2015) there are a series of ways in which science education can help European countries to equip citizens, enterprise and industry with the skills and competences needed to provide sustainable and competitive solutions to the current and future challenges. To this end we have selected  the conference main themes:

  • Responsible Research and Innovation. Responsible Research and Innovation is involving society in science and innovation ‘very upstream' in the processes of Research & Innovation to align its outcomes with the values of society. RRI is a wide umbrella connecting different aspects of the relationship between Research & Innovation and society: public engagement, open access, gender equality, science education, ethics, and governance.
  • Universal Design for Learning. Universal Design for Learning is a framework for teaching and learning that addresses the widest possible variety of learning needs, styles, and preferences. The challenge according to UDL is not to change the students, but rather to redesign, adapt and personalize curricula and instructional methods and create a learning environment that helps each student develop his or her full potential.
  • Opening up the school to the society
  • Enhancing science teaching skills & competencies

Additional Themes
Building online teacher/learner communities, School collaborative activities using digital resources, Assistive technologies, Using remote & virtual labs for inquiry learning,  Developing effective synergies between schools and research centers, Using other advanced technologies & scientific simulations in education